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FONT, a leading  manufacturer of standard and custom designed single mode, multimode and large core fused fiber optic couplers (splitters) and  wavelength multiplexers/demux (wdm),  operating within UV  to Visible to IR wavelengths.
Our products are currently deployed in the fields of Telecom, Aerospace, Optogenetics, and much more.





-cable TV
-test and measurement

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Single Mode Fiber Optic Couplers (Splitters)


Operating at UV - VIS - IR Wavelengths (360nm - 2000nm)

Custom design


  Fiber Optic Wavelength Multiplexers/Demux (WDM)    

Operating at UV - VIS - IR Wavelength combiner/separator (360nm -2000nm)

Custom design

Multimode and Large Core Fiber Optic Couplers (Splitters)

Operating at UV - VIS -IR Wavelengths (360nm - 2000nm)

Fiber core: 50um, 62.5um, 100um, 200um, 300um, 400um.

High and Low OH, NAs 0.12 to 0.48, Step index and Graded index.

Custom design

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